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THe first section is dedicated to work I have been commisioned to complete, whilst the 'Notions 'n' Motions' is a sample of some of my self generated output!

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Notions in Motion

The following content has been created for myself as either part of my studies or strictly for pleasure!

Turntable and Vinyl

A Study of Tactile objects

The joys of listening to music, which is an ethereal experience, via a mechanical device that requires physical contact.

The Penny Never Falls Twice Tomorrow

Homage to an iconic series of film titles

Dancing girls, casinos, and some time Using Adobe After Effects, Poser and Shirley Bassey to create what could possibly be the best Bond ever...possibly

Madame Etrange

Past, present and future

Arduino. MaxMSP and a dose of 'Donovan's Brain' to produce an interactive exhibit that will amaze and astound!!

If I Were...Albert Camus

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

I loved the style in which Camus wrote, (never read in the original french!). Live life to the full and as YOU want to. No more leaders, or petty rules. When I first read 'The Stranger' it shocked me like no other book had from that very first line "Mother died today".

Tony Camus

Tony Camus original image by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Magnum Photosn.

If I Were...Bob Dylan

Well there's one kind of favor I'll ask of you
Well there's one kind of favor I'll ask of you
There's just one kind of favor I'll ask of you
You can see that my grave is kept clean.

Blind Lemon Jefferson 1927

My favourite Dylan LP is 'Bringing It All Back Home', but my favourite Dylan moment was the first time I heard this LP which was also the moment I first heard Dylan. I didn't realise that many songs on this LP were covers of existing songs, but it led me to discover a world of music beyond that which was readliy available.

A moment in time that I will never be able to recapture, but a memory I shall cherish forever.

Tony Dylan

Tony Dylan original image by Don Hunstein.

If I Were...John Coltrane

My music is the spiritual expression of what I am — my faith, my knowledge, my being...When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something really good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hangups...I want to speak to their souls.

John Coltrane just blew my head open with his remarkable saxophone playing. He can take me through possibly the entire range of human emotions in one LP!

Tony Coltrane

Tony Coltrane original image by Chuck Stewart.

If I Were...Che Guevara

We should not allow the word “democracy” to be utilized apologetically to represent the dictatorship of the exploiting classes.

This 'rebel' fought for what he believed in, and has become an icon for some of those fighting for freedom from tyranny. It proves that one person CAN make a difference, if they try. I am constantly amazed how much this image has seeped into the everyday visual language of the world. From a cropped photograph, taken in a hurry to become possibly the most iconic image ever!

Tony Guevara

Tony Guevara original image by Alberto Korda.



What's The Word!!

Putting Rock'n'Roll on the page!!

Websites, posters, flyers, record sleeves, social media, stationary or online ads. TKB has designed for rockabilly, mod, psychedelic and punk clubnights and bands all over the UK.

Influenced by the future and persuaded by the past!!

With 20 years experience of working in the printing, graphics and website design industries (and longer than that rockin' and rollin') I can put rock'n'roll on a webpage or poster.

Designing for print, web and beyond!!

Please take a look at some of the recent design projects featured on our site that TKB has provided for a range of clients.

TKB with any questions that you may have.



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