Putting Rock'n'Roll on the page!!

Websites, posters, flyers, record sleeves, social media, stationary or online ads. TKB has designed for rockabilly, mod, psychedelic and punk clubnights and bands all over the UK.

Influenced by the future and persuaded by the past!!

With 20 years experience of working in the printing, graphics and website design industries (and longer than that rockin' and rollin') I can put rock'n'roll on a webpage or poster.

Designing for print, web and beyond!!

Please take a look at some of the recent design projects featured on our site that TKB has provided for a range of clients.

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Posters, club fliers and websites...

THe first section is dedicated to work I have been commisioned to complete, whilst the 'Notions 'n' Motions' is a sample of some of my self generated output!

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Notions in Motion

The following content has been created for myself as either part of my studies or strictly for pleasure!

Turntable and Vinyl

A Study of Tactile objects

The joys of listening to music, which is an ethereal experience, via a mechanical device that requires physical contact.

The Penny Never Falls Twice Tomorrow

Homage to an iconic series of film titles

Dancing girls, casinos, and some time Using Adobe After Effects, Poser and Shirley Bassey to create what could possibly be the best Bond ever...possibly

Madame Etrange

Past, present and future

Arduino. MaxMSP and a dose of 'Donovan's Brain' to produce an interactive exhibit that will amaze and astound!!


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